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The mission of Iris Home Health Services, LLC is to provide superior quality home health care and maximize independence, health and wellness in the home. That means providing world-class care, paired with unmatched commitment to our patients well-being. It also means using the most advanced medical tools and technologies. The result is better patient outcomes and, most important, better quality of life.

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Welcome Iris Home Health Services LLC

The lengthy hospital stays and the ambience it brings definitely is not what a recovering man would need. After sustaining a certain injury or a surgical operation, the patients usually want to be close to people they are familiar with. They always prefer to be close to their family members and loved ones. The atmosphere in one’s home can do wonders to the recuperation of a patient. But such patient needs the attention that can only be provided by hospitals.

Home health care is the perfect solution to your dilemma.

Iris Home Health Services LLC assists you in the very corners of your homes with services and care that we once thought to be only rendered by hospitals, nursing care centers or rehabilitation facilities.

At Iris Home Health Services, we can provide you with the care necessary for your recovery. And you can be sure that our services are excellently shaped to answer to the specific needs of the patient. We ensure that our band of experienced medical practitioners, nurses, medical social workers and therapists are qualified to help you.

Team up with us in taking care of you and your loved ones. Call 309-649-6002 and let us be with you in your recovery.


Contact Information

162 East Chestnut, Unit D
Canton, Illinois 61520
Phone:     309-649-6002
Fax:         309-649-6005

Service Areas

We serve the counties of Fulton, Peoria,Tazwell, Logan and Sangamon.